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    European Athletics Team Championships to join the European Games in 2023

    European Athletics announced on Wednesday (27) that all divisions of the European Athletics Team Championships will be part of the European Games 2023. 

    The European Athletics Team Championships is the world’s premier team competition between nations, with promotion and relegation at stake between the various divisions.

    As part of the agreement between European Athletics and the European Olympic Committees, all divisions of the Team Championships will be contested back-to-back at the Slaski Stadium in the Region of Silesia the venue for the 2021 European Athletics Team Championships Super League – with the concept ‘under one roof’ thus providing a feast of top-class European team athletics. 

    European Athletics Interim President, Dobromir Karamarinov, said: “We have been discussing with the European Olympic Committees for some time now about integrating the European Athletics Team Championships to become a key part of the European Games in 2023. The European Athletics Council approved this move last month.

    “Now, thanks to the agreement with the European Olympic Committees and the local authorities in Silesia, with whom we already have an excellent relationship, we can continue with the detailed planning of the format of the championships and finding the right dates within the European Games window of 21 June to 2 July in 2023.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the European Olympic Committees President Spyros Capralos for the positive and speedy discussions between our two organisations that have led to this agreement,” concluded Karamarinov. 

    European Athletics CEO, Christian Milz, said: “The addition of the European Athletics Team Championships to the programme of the European Games 2023 is a ‘win-win’ situation for both European Athletics and the European Olympic Committees. We will deliver a top-level team athletics competition, with exciting promotion and relegation battles between national teams, that provides a truly exciting athletics event for both television and spectators alike.” 

    European Olympic Committees President, Spyros Capralos, said: “Since 2015, we have been working closely with European Athletics to make sure we have the best athletics competition as part of the European Games programme. Thanks to their great cooperation, we have now found an outstanding solution for 2023 with the Team Championships and we are confident that the athletics competition in Poland will be one of the most popular events during the Games.” 

    Chair of European Games Coordination Commission, Hasan Arat, said: “It is fantastic news for us to welcome athletics back into the European Games programme. Now we will have the very best track and field athletes in Europe competing, and this is not only great for the Games, but it will also be very much appreciated by the passionate athletics fans in Poland.” 

    The Marshal of Silesia, Jakub Chełstowski, said: “I am delighted and honoured to announce that the Region of Silesia will once again be hosting European Athletics at the Slaski Stadium, this time in the form of the athletics at the forthcoming European Games in 2023. We already had a very successful cooperation with European Athletics when we welcomed the European Athletics Team Championships Super League this year and I know that the Polish athletics fans are already looking forward to seeing top-class athletes in action in 2023.”

    Discussions will now commence with the Spanish athletics federation about their hosting the 2025 European Athletics Team Championships Super League after they had been provisionally awarded the 2023 event in May this year prior to the advanced discussions with the European Olympic Committees.