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Take our sport to your city and your city to our sport!

European Athletics has currently a programme of ten different sporting events (Championships and Cups) and two corporate events (Congress and Convention) that represent 39 single events over a period of four years, which are all available for cities and national Member Federations to host.

From a European Athletics Championships with a full programme of stadium and out-of-stadium disciplines to the smaller scale specific discipline events, an Indoor or cross country championships, the options are wide for cities to select an international athletics event to host which is appropriate to their goals, size and resources.

Event bidding is the first stage in bringing one of the European Athletics’ events to a city and our manual 'From Bidding to Hosting' provides you with further information on the overall process on how to become a host for a European Athletics event.

Here is the European Athletics Events portfolio at a glance but our team can guide you to evaluate the  most adequate type of event for your city and Member Federation.

The European Athletics Bidding Manual - From Bidding to Hosting is available to download here.

For further details please contact us at:[email protected]


Our flagship event is the the European Athletics Championships and this showcase of elite athletics at its very best is held every two years.

The European Athletics Championships on non-Olympic years are staged within a multi-sport event and therefore part of a separate bidding process.

The edition staged in the Olympic year is organised every four years, runs over six days with approximately 1500 athletes from 51 Member Federations and brings great visibility to the host city with a full athletics programme. 

Imaginative ideas used by host cities in the recent past have included holding the qualification rounds of a field event in an emblematic venue in the centre of the city and having a mass participation road race; these concepts make all the local citizens feel as though they are part of the Championships.


The biennial championships are an action-packed event over three days of intense competition with more than 600 athletes with almost all of the European Athletics Member Federations represented.

This event is held across the first or second weekend of March and increases the visibility of the sport and the city in a period of the year the latter might not attract as many visitors.


This team event pits joint men's and women's national teams against each other, heightening the excitement. 

The top  tier Super League consists of the eight best national teams in Europe while the three other leagues below it feature all the other European Athletics Member Federations competing for promotion in a two-day competition that is normally held in June.

The format of this championship puts the emphasis on the country and the team as opposed to individual results.


The closing event of every year’s European calendar, on the second weekend of December, attracts the best long distance talents from across the continent in the men's and women's U20, U23 and senior categories and as well as an exciting mixed-gender relay.

This is a wonderful way to showcase our sport in the centre of your city and a way of letting the public get close to the action.


Exclusively for athletes aged between 20 and 22, this is often the stage for emerging stars of or sport that have already performed at international level.

Over 1000  athletes compete at these Championships, which offer the best of a major championships event  but with a lower scale of investment. 

Held in  July,  the four-day  event is not confined to the track and field programme in the stadium as it can also bring the race walking road events to the heart of the city.


This championship is the perfect platform 16 to 19-year-old athletes to make progress towards a senior career and is often a 'look in the the crystal ball' with regards to the future stars of the sport.

It is an excellent showcase of athletics for your city over four days of a full track and field programme in the month of July with around 1100 athletes competing.


An athletics youth festival, this event is for many 16 and 17-year-old athletes their first major international competition experience.

Over four days of competition with more than 1000 athletes competing, your city can become the stage  for some remarkable performances by young athletes and be remembered as the place where stars were born.


Mainly a team competition, it features in one day separate events for senior men and women over the distances of 20km and 50km and separate events for U20 men and women over 10km. 

This event brings together around 250 European race walkers. In addition to the team competitions themselves, the competitors are often also aiming to achieve an entry standard for a major ahletics championships. This event can be staged in the centre of the city, which will gain exposure fro the event and get the public close to the action.


Calling for warm weather conditions in March to allow the athletes to achieve great results, this event marks the beginning of the outdoor season for many of Europe's top throwers and gives an early indication of what to expect in the coming months.

A two-day annual event that, with Europe's strength in the throws, sees the many of best athletes from the recent Olympic Games, World or European Athletics Championships among the 300 athletes competing


This  challenging  outdoor  event  is  ideal  for  mountain  landscapes  and  combines  mountain  running  and  trail running in a two to four-day programme that features at least ten elite and two mass participation races.

The team competitions in addition to the individual races, makes it an exciting and picturesque one-day event that also makes a great connection with nature.


The event gathers together many of the best long distance runners in Europe that want to compete in an national team competition and to gain an entry standard to one of the major summer athletics championships.

European Athletics aims to integrate the Cup into an existing event and to become a one-day festival for distance running, creating a great atmosphere in which the athletes can compete.

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