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    Reigning Olympic and European pole vault champion Armand Duplantis will compete in front of his Swedish fans in his home arena in Uppsala, Sweden on 9 February. 

    Since 2018, Duplantis has nurtured a dream of inviting a Swedish audience to an unforgettable pole vault gala at his home arena and that dream will come true on 9 February 2022 at the Beijer Pole Vault Gala, a European Athletics Indoor Area Permit Meeting.

    Duplantis divides his time between the United States and Sweden and the world record-holder at 6.18m has made Uppsala, which is situated just to the north of the Swedish capital Stockholm, his European base in recent seasons.

    Ten of the world's best pole vaulters - with more names to be confirmed in the upcoming weeks - are due to participate in the IFU arena in a gala event that is the first of its kind to be held in Sweden. 

    With a creative layout and temporary stands in the arena, the audience will experience a closeness to the pole vaulters that is usually not seen in an athletics competition. 

    "I am very happy that my club, Uppsala IF Athletics, is organising this pole vault gala. To be able to compete in my home arena in Uppsala together with the world's best pole vaulters - in the hall where I have spent so many hours training - means a lot to me. It's going to be crazy fun and we're going to aim for high jumps," said Duplantis.

    With the addition of temporary stands for the competition, the athletics hall in the IFU arena is estimated to be able to accommodate up to 2300 spectators. The pole vault will be centrally located in the hall which will give the audience on both sides an enhanced sense of proximity to the vaults. 

    Ticket sales for the event are due to begin on 8 December.

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