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    Svein Arne Hansen of Norway is the new President of European Athletics.

    President Hansen received 26 votes from the 50 Member Federations.

    'I am very touched by the support of the Congress. I want to thank (outgoing President) Hansjorg Wirz for his good work in positioning European Athletics for the future. I will thank him and other candidates more fully at a later time,' said President Hansen.

    The 2015 European Athletics Congress took place on Saturday morning in Bled, Slovenia, with elections to determine the new President, Vice Presidents and Council.

    The three official candidates for the Presidency of European Athletics were Jean Gracia (FRA), Svein Arne Hansen (NOR) and Antti Pihlakoski (FIN).

    Gracia received 19 votes and Pihlakoski received 5 votes.

    Dobrimir Karamarinov, Frank Hensel and Gracia were elected as the three Vice Presidents. Karamarinov of Bulgaria received 37 votes, Hensel of Germany 33 votes and Gracia 32.

    The 13 European Athletics Council members elected (with nationality and votes in brackets) were: Antti Pihlakoski (FIN,44), Jorge Salcedo (POR, 43), Libor Varhanik (CZE, 43), Dimakos Panagiotis (GRE, 40), Jose Luis de Carlos (ESP, 38), Marton Gyulai (HUN, 37), Sylvia Barlag (NED, 36), Toralf Nilsson (SWE, 34), Gregor Bencina (SLO, 33), Alfio Giomi (ITA, 32), Gabriela Szabo (ROM, 32), Erich Teigamagi (EST, 32), Yaras Salih Munir (TUR, 32).

    Incumbent President Hansjörg Wirz hands over to President Hansen at the end of the Congress after 16 years of leading the organisation. He becomes Honorary President.

    The European Athletics Congress is the general assembly of the Member Federations and the supreme authority of the European Athletic Association.

    The Congress consists of the Council and delegates of the 50 Members Federations. Each Member Federation has one vote.

    At the Congress, outgoing Vice President Karel Pilny of Czech Republic was awarded the status of Honorary Council member.

    Outgoing Council member Francesco Arese of Italy received the European Athletics Plaque of Merit.

    Outgoing Council member Erki Nool of Estonia received the European Athletics Golden Pin.

    Frantisek Fojt (CZE),  Pierre Weiss (FRA) and Peter Marlow (GBR) were awarded the European Athletics Plaque of Merit.

    Milan Pedalo (BIH), Stefan Kuerten (GER), Eimantas Skrabulis (LTU), Serghei Donets (MDA), Marjan Hudej (SLO) and Ivica Matijevic (SRB) were awarded the European Athletics Golden Pin.

    The Congress agreed that Vilnius in Lithuania will host the 2017 European Athletics Congress.

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