European Athletics Youth Team's Carina Post goes from volunteer to leader

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Germany’s Carina Post started her journey in the European Athletics Youth Team shortly after the Berlin 2018 European Athletics Championships.

She joined the Young Leaders Forum as a local organisational volunteer and she liked it so much that she then applied to be part of the group of young leaders that help European Athletics in developing the Forum.

Post is among the main organisers of this years Forum which will be held from 17-21 August during the European Athletics Championships.

European Athletics: What is your role in athletics?

Carina Post: Within athletics, I’m part of the German Youth Council. I’m responsible for the volunteers and society-related issues. I’m still in the German Youth Team where we do small programmes and I’m part of the Senior Team of European Athletics. I’m also working at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences as an assistant professor in sport management.

EA: Why did you join the volunteer team for the Berlin 2018 Young Leaders Forum and why did you join the European Athletics Youth Team?

CP: A friend of mine was working for the Berlin 2018 Local Organising Committee and she was responsible for the Young Leaders Forum during those European Athletics Championships. European Athletics wanted two volunteers there and she asked me if I wanted to be involved. I knew that the Young Leaders Forum in Amsterdam in 2016 was really good so I said yes. I really enjoyed the sessions at the Forum and after that I applied to be part of the European Athletics Youth Team.


EA: Which was the best part of the Young Leaders Forum?

CP: I clearly remember one night in the stadium; it was raining and we couldn’t leave the stadium so they turned up the music and everyone was dancing. I love the energy of people that don’t know each other but love the same sport and do the same things.

EA: Why you think that the Young Leaders Forum is important?

CP: For me, it’s good to know that there are a lot of people that love the same sport, do the same thing and work within the same sport. I think that is really important to have a good network; you can ask people to help you and see how they work. It’s amazing to know people in different roles. I know that if I have a question I can just go to one of them and ask. This is really needed for youth involvement. It’s easier to talk with someone who is part of the same generation, a ‘digital native’.

EA: Do you think that the Young Leaders Forum and and being part of the Youth Team has helped you in some way?

CP: Yes, I got elected to the German Youth Council and I think that I got that position because of my background in athletics.

EA: Do you have many young people involved in athletics outside of competition in Germany?

CP: In Germany the situation is pretty good. The Youth Council changed everything last year. They created a position for people under the age of 27 so they are trying to represent these young people. I think that is pretty good. The Council is elected and then we have different groups related to different topics so for athletes in this age group it is easier to raise their voice.

EA: Where do you see yourself in five years’time?

CP: Certainly In athletics. I would like to do something for the German federation, maybe in the development area. We have a age limit in the Youth Team and we’re trying to understand what to do with the people that move on. We want to create a network with them and focus groups that work on various topics. I really see myself there.

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