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The winning team of the IAAF Continental Cup in Ostrava on 8-9 September will be awarded with a trophy and for the first time in competition history, each member of the winning team will take home their own piece of trophy. The original trophy symbolises team spirit, unity, and cohesion between nations and continents.

“On the concept of how to design a trophy for the IAAF Continental Cup, we came out of the basic idea of the competition, which is the team spirit and the fact that the individual is part of the team,” explains Libor Varhanik, chairman of the ICC Ostrava 2018 LOC.

“We used Bohemian crystal, hand-crafted in the shape of sticks symbolising relay batons as a symbol of teamwork and community. At the same time, Bohemian Crystal brings a trace of Czech tradition to an international event of this importance,” he added.

The trophy consists of 116 crystal relay batons and together they form the aggregate – the only trophy – in the shape of a stadium of about 80 centimetres in diameter. The pins are embedded in a metal pedestal in three rows. “The centre of the trophy is made up of a combination of smaller elements of pressed glass in colours of the continents of Europe, America, Asia-Oceania and Africa, in which we see unity among the nations.

“After handing over the glass ‘batons’ to the winning team members, the central part belongs to the winning Area Federation,” explains Varhanik. Every baton is an original and has its original cutting and colouring. Every athlete from the winning team will therefore take a unique, handmade artefact with its own decor from Ostrava – as a symbol of successful teamwork.

The trophy designers are Jaroslav Kolesek Josef Divin. “The trophy consists of three parts constituting a whole: 116 crystal bars, oval for the victorious continent federation and the metal pedestal. Bohemian crystal symbolises purity, fragility and uniqueness. The glass bars are dense on the glass whistle. The central area consists of a metal platform with inscribed event identification and 116 glass pieces.

“The metal pedestal is made of stainless steel. This choice is based on an environment typical of the Ostrava region and its history. The oval and technical shape should remind of the arena,” describes Jaroslav Kolesek.

During the event, the trophy - which measures 96cm in height - will be displayed in an illuminated showcase at the entrance gate of the Mestsky stadium.

The Continental Cup is first global event the Czech Republic has staged since the 2007 World U18 Championships which were also held in Ostrava. It will also be the first time the Czech Republic has staged either the Continental Cup - or its predecessor the World Cup - which first took place in 1977.

Tickets for the Continental Cup are still available through through Ticketportal ( Ticket prices range between 150 and 500 CZK.

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