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Medical & Anti-Doping


European Athletics is committed to keeping its athletes healthy and to its zero-tolerance policy with respect to doping.

The role of the medical sector in athletics is crucial, with European Athletics in collaboration with World Athletics making its own vital contribution to the area of medicine and sports science.

From anti-doping to injury data, European Athletics is keeping constantly abreast of athletics’ medical situation in the sport's ever-changing world.

Studies and surveys commissioned by European Athletics provide invaluable data about injury patterns and risks, helping to increase the safety of athletes competing at European Athletics events.

The European Athletics Medical and Anti-Doping Commission has adopted the World Athletics Medical Guidelines for European Athletics events.

European Athletics emphasises that all competitions should be held under the appropriate conditions that assure a healthy and safe environment for all participants to compete.

The guidelines are based on recommendations of leading practitioners who provide medical care at athletics, road racing and race-walking competitions.


Definition of Doping
Doping means not only cheating by taking substances or using methods that are listed on the annual WADA List of prohibited substances and methods, but also violating any other World Athletics Anti-Doping Rule or this of your National Federation.

Health impact/side effects of Doping
Doping by using prohibited substances or methods not only threatens our sport, it also harms your health. Most of the products used as doping substances are medicines developed and used for healing diseases. In such cases, side effects are accepted. However, taking drugs when you are not ill means that you may suffer severe side effects but no healing effect.​

Rules and Regulations
The rules and regulations that are important in connection with or in dealing with matters of Anti-Doping are the WADA Code, the World Athletics Anti-Doping Regulations and the codes of your National Federation or National Anti-Doping-Organisation. 

Such rules and regulations also define Anti-Doping rule violations and procedures. So you should study them carefully. Be sure that you always working with the latest version of both the rules and the Anti-Doping codes as changes can occur.

In particular the WADA List of Prohibited Substances and Methods is reviewed by WADA every year. 

Nutritional Supplements
Nutritional supplements are very popular among athletes. It is said that they have positive impact on health and performance, however, this has never been proven by scientific study.

On the contrary, some studies show that they may have negative impact on health. In any case: by taking nutritional supplements you always take the risk of an adverse analytical finding. Previous cases have shown that athletes were tested positive due to contaminated supplements. No excuses were accepted ... so, be careful!

As part of European Athletics drive to eradicate doping from our sport we focus not only on education, but tests, in particular pre- and in-competition tests to ensure that competing athletes are clean and healthy. 

If you want to know what to do should you be asked to provide a sample, and for more information about the European Athletics I Run Clean e-learning programme, please click on the link below:

I Run Clean

European Athletics Competition Department (see details below) and the experts in our Medical and Anti-Doping Commission will always provide as much support as we can particular in areas of medical or Anti-Doping matters.

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