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    President Svein Arne Hansen chaired his first Executive Board meeting from the new House of European Athletics in Lausanne on Wednesday 2 November.

    The inauguration party has been scheduled for Thursday 3 November in Lausanne with all European Athletics Member Federations and other affiliates invited to attend.

    Located just 400-metres from the Lausanne main station, the building is fully owned by European Athletics and will secure the long-term future of the organisation.

    But that’s not all that is sustainable about our new home. The architects were asked to pay particular attention to minimise the impact on the environment when conceiving the structure. There will be a connection to the central heating system provided by the City of Lausanne that produces energy through the burning of waste.

    As you can see in the photos, the new building features a green ‘living’ roof that will provide insulation and help to combat the ‘heat island’ effect in the City. The roof will also generate extra energy through the placement of solar panels covering 50 square metres. There will be an air-refreshment system and no air-conditioning system further improving the overall energy balance of the building.

    European Athletics will use the first two floors for its new offices, with the top two floors to be rented out. The building will also have underground parking and an archive area on two basement floors.

    President Svein Arne Hansen has already moved in to his new offices:

    “It’s very exciting to see this ambitious project come to fruition and to have elite working conditions for our staff to develop and deliver all operational activities.

    “We now have a place that all our Members can call home and we hope to expand our numbers to respond to the needs.

    “I look forward to welcoming the entire European Athletics family to celebrate the start of new chapter in the history of the organisation.”

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