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Volunteer recruitment process continues for Banska Bystrica

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  • Volunteer recruitment process continues for Banska Bystrica

Around 350 volunteers will be required to contribute to the smooth running of the fourth edition of the European Athletics U18 Championships in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia from 18-21 July.

Four months before the start of the championships, the organisers have already filled more than half of the designated slots. However, prospective volunteers can still apply here

Volunteers have to be at least 16 years old to apply but there is no upper age limit. For your interest: a 75-year-old enthusiast has already signed up for this altruistic service!

"Apart from the minimum age, the only requirements are desire to help and a good state of mind,” said volunteer programme coordinator Peter Lassak. "It is not even a requirement that those who are interested must register for all four days, but it would be ideal."

Despite the international nature of the event, English is not necessary, as there are positions without the need for language skills. Volunteers will be divided according to their preferences into twelve sections:

  • Accommodation
  • Accreditation and registration
  • Administration
  • Catering
  • Ceremonials, VIP and protocol
  • General information desks
  • Health issues and anti-doping
  • IT
  • Media services and marketing
  • Security
  • Sport and infrastructure
  • Transportation

Volunteers will have to cover their travel expenses to the venue but they will be offered free accommodation in Banska Bystrica, food and drink as well as a goody bag.

Banska Bystrica staged the 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival and the organisers believe many people who volunteered two years ago will be volunteering again this summer. 

“A lot of people who took part in EYOF, want to do it again. And those who didn't get involved previously and later regretted it, when they saw how great it was, don't hesitate anymore!" said Lassak.

Being a volunteer at such a big event is not only about help - without which the championship cannot be done - but also about the opportunity to experience something new.

"It's a chance to learn something, to try out unusual situations, to meet a large number of interesting people in a short time and to perceive an event from a different perspective than one of a visitor," said one of the registered volunteers, Eliska, based on her previous experience.

"At first, I wasn't sure and hesitated, but then I thought I'll give it a try. I definitely recommend it to everyone!"

This will be the second time Slovakia has staged a major European event after the 2017 SPAR European Cross Country Championships in Samorin. 

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