European 10,000m Cup

Pacé (FRA)
03 Jun 2023


European 10,000m Cup

The European 10,000m Cup dates from 1997 when it was held under its initial title of the European 10,000m Challenge. 

Notable names on the roll-of-honour at the Cup include Spain's Jose Manuel Martinez (2004 and 2009), Great Britain's Mo Farah (2010) and Italy's Daniele Meucci (2016) on the men’s side and multiple winners Fernanda Ribeiro from Portugal (1998 and 2003), fellow Portuguese runner Sara Moreira (2011, 2012 and 2017) and Great Britain's Paula Radcliffe (1999 and 2001) among the women.

At the 2022 edition in Pacé, France Jimmy Gressier won the men's race and led France to another team title while Yasemin Can from Türkiye won the women's race. 

The 2023 and 2024 editions will also be held in Pacé.

European 10,000m Cup

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